Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So You Want To Be A Hacker

Ah! The world of hackers. It has changed much from the fabled green black terminal operated by guys with spectacles on their eyes and a serious look on their face. Now even a script kiddie who types a few lines on a Kali Linux calls himself a hacker. The terminal is still there, but the colors have changed. It's black terminal with text of all colors. But who cares about the colors. It's the new Operating Systems : The likes of Kali Linux,
Backtrack, BackBox Linux, Node Zero, Blackbuntu, and many more, which have made hacking much easier. However, has it got easy enough? No. Not at all.

It's getting harder

When the going gets tough, the tough get going
While Kali Linux can make hacking Windows XP, wirless networks, and some weak websites very easy, it doesn't mean it is a magical solution to all problems. Everything that can be hacked easily is ancient. No one uses Windows XP anymore, and if they do, the machines are patched because of automatic updates. Very few websites are vulnerable to the standard SQL injection attacks. You'll have to think up and use variants of standard injections to counter the defenses. Yes, WEP networks are easy to hack, and are still abundant, especially in developing countries. But if you want to hack Facebook, then you should step back already, you're going the wrong direction. Facebook isn't paying millions for security so that a kid can Google up the procedure to hack FB and be done with it overnight. But wait, how could I even imagine that you've already reached this point. While all this hacking XP and WEP shit is pretty easy, is it okay to assume you can do it, and are worried about the 'harder' part. Or wait, are you experiencing difficulty in even using Kali Linux. Can't figure out how to install it. Well...

Oh well

First time is always the hardest
In the previous few paragraphs I made a big mistake. I assumed that you have installed Kali Linux and can do some basic stuff with it, and the intermediate level tasks are bothering you. I almost forgot how it was for me. Well let me tell you.

  1. I was 12. Wanted to hack this wireless network next door. 
  2. Download some shitty Windows software. Won't work. Plus had malware installed which had to be removed with antivirus.
  3. More googling, came across BT4. Googled up some tutorials on how to install it. Was too stupid for Vmware. Live? No. Couldn't create a bootable USB. I downloaded the OS and simply copied it to the USB and thought it'll boot. Googled more. Some result said something about boot order. Okay, make USB boot before hard disk. Made some sense, but it wouldn't work. As it is, I was scared as hell when modifying stuff in the scary looking BIOS interface. Hoping I don't do any damage.
  4. Some time later, BT5 was released. Me? A bit smarter this time. Could get BT5 to boot. Read some WEP hacking tutorials. Wasn't able to follow. I even had a tough time with getting the GUI to start. In BT5 we had to type startx for starting X Display server. Didn't know that. Finally, hacked wifi using Aircrack-ng GTK or something (don't remember the name exactly, but it was GUI mode of aircrack, and it was pretty easy for a beginner like me to use it).
  5. Took me an year before I knew how to do stuff without GUI. An year sounds like a long time, but remember, I have much more stuff to do than just hack. I used BT5 once every few months, only when a new network would show up in the neighbourhood, and I would hack it with my laptop. 
  6. Had a great sense of accomplishment inside me. Felt like I was king of this territory, and owned every wireless network here. But then, a WPA-2 network appeared. I tried everything I could, but gave up. I read on hackforums a tutorial on using WPS vulnerability to hack WPA. Well, it looked like it was written in an alien language. Honestly, after knowing how easy hacking WPS enable WPA networks is, I seriously think that the first time indeed is the hardest. 
  7. Fast forward to this moment. I have mastered the basics of linux command line interface, but still have a lot to learn. I can write bash scripts to automate stuff, and can use most of the tools with ease. I am currently studying exploit development and research and can write simple exploits. There's a lot left to learn. I know the depths of wireless pentesting, but only intermediate level of web pentesting. I know the basics of social engineering, but again, lot of things to learn. Now if you are concluding I'm an idiot on the basis of the fact that in every field I just know the basics, well then you need to realize that the meaning of basics in my perspective is much different from that in yours. I need to know a lot of stuff, but I know a lot too.
So what do you conclude from this? Well if you are not able to install Kali, or follow any other tutorial in my website, then don't be surprised. If everyone who visits this website became a hacker, then we'd be having more than 100k hackers created from this website alone, which isn't a good thing at all, considering there are many other websites which receive much more traffic than mine. 

Why so difficult

Hacking is an art
Because that's the way it is. Hacking is an art, and like any other, it takes practice, hard work and determination to master this art. For example, after watching dynamo on TV, I got lured into the idea of becoming a magician. Well, I tried some tricks, but failed miserably. Realized it was not my piece of cake. Some of the tricks require years of practice before they can be pulled off successfully. Not everyone who decides to be a magician ends up becoming one. There are obstacles in the way, disappointments, milestones too hard too achieve. The ones who stay determined all the way to the end only achieve this. It's not everyone's piece of cake. Same goes with hacking. What makes hackers exclusive and special is the fact that not everyone is a hacker. I am known in my class (whole school as well) for being a hacker. Why? Because I'm the only one. Not everyone who sets out to be a hacker becomes one. But there's more to the story than this.

Not that difficult

You are lucky that you ended up on this blog (not a quote as such)
Well, the sites I used to learn hacking were crap. The WEP tutorial was just 3-4 lines of code and no
explanation. I won't be wrong if I say that, while I read a lot of tutorials, none was good enough. For every line in a tutorial, I had to google up another tutorial which explained what it meant. That is, I worked hard and figured everything out on my own. You, however, are lucky. The posts in this blog have been written such that everything is properly explained. In the later tutorials I have been a bit lazy, but it won't be a problem if you follow the tutorials in correct sequence. If you have read 2-3 tutorials on pentesting, you would already know the basics, and the 4th one wouldn't have to be very detailed. If you jump to Win 7 hacking without going through XP, then you'll encounter difficulties. Now I have created a page on this blog where I have ordered the posts in the desirable order of reading. You might also look at the navigation menu on top and read all the tutorials on a top to bottom order basis. And here's the truth finally.

The truth

I want to hack facebook
If you are learning hacking to hack your friends account, then you're never going to become a hacker. Just hire someone to do it. Because the time and effort you'll invest in making an attempt to learn how to do it yourself, and eventually  failing in the same, is much more valuable than the money required to hire someone (no I don't hack FB accounts for money). You might still try social engineering, but it is not a 100% working method, and well, phishing is not hacking, and is illegal. However, if you're motives aren't that selfish, and if you are on a quest for knowledge, then rest assured, you will achieve success. Also , you need to know the art of google-fu. If you face any difficulties, remember, google is a friend (and so am I, I have replied to 100s of comments on this blog personally and always get people through difficulties). The last thing, 50% of the people who come to this blog leave within 1 min of their visit, after seeing just one page. 30% stay for 4-10 mins and read 2 posts. 20% stay for more than 10 minutes, and keep coming back. Only these 20% successfully will become a hacker. Either they succeeded in achieving what they wanted, loved the blog, and came back for more, or they didn't succeed, but came back to try again, and I'm sure they would succeed on a second attempt. Remember, never give up. Less than 20% of the visitors here actually succeed in getting what they want, try and be in that 20%. And if you have any suggestion for this post or for my way of explanation or anything else in general, please comment.


  1. Very nice post. :)

  2. i really appreciate the way u created this site...
    i was looking for someone who could actually guide me through all this...i don't want to learn hacking just to hack someone for fun...
    i don't want to be called a noob or a beginner...and for that i know i have to be more than average....that's y i was looking for site where i could actually learn from...if u could guide me through all this... i really want to learn to be one the best...its not easy...i know..hope u could assist and guide me...
    i know i have to do all this on my own as no one's gonna teach me step by step...but hey u could help me to get started on the right track...
    waiting for your reply....and thanks for sharing your story...

    1. thanks for the reply.....can i ask u for a favour....your story really impressed me....cuz your starting days are much similar to mine...if i could talk to you on gmail or fb...that would be great...

  3. :) i understand that bro...anyways thanks....already started my journey....

  4. it's great man .............. it's really great . i wanna be a hacker and not only that i want to build my own linux distro one day. It's my aim in life. Your post pleased me. Now i am just a beginner but i think...... i believe i will do it one day

  5. Dude! can you make a tutorial or give some explanations about cracking the password of rar or zip files, because today most of the files available on internet are in rar form and they think, how smart they are to encrypt it with a password, which wuold be available when u complete a silly servey. So plz if u hav some information to crack it with kali linux, share with us thanx

    1. It can be done, and there are tools for that purpose even for Windows. Let me see if I can figure something out for Kali. There would be some way to bruteforce the password using Kali. I'll have to do some research myself, as I have never thought of doing this before.

    2. As u said Brute forcing, but the passwords which are used to encrypt a file of rar, may be a string of characters or most of the time any web site name as 'www.world4free.com' so any dictionary and dictionary attack would take huge time to decrypt it. As i used a rar pass cracker and it takes 50 minutes for crack a pass 'car' which gave to the rar file. So do you think kali would be able to achieve pass as reaver cracks the pass of wifi without any word list. please solve this!

  6. This is a very interesting post, thank you. I too am very interested in hacking and cyber security. I am only a high school student so I don't know everything yet. However, with your site I believe I can learn much more and become better and better. Once again, Thank You.

  7. Hello. I have been paid for hacking websites and telling vulnerabilities to the owners for some time now, and have succeeded in most websites. I came here looking for hackers such as myself. I was wondering if you could add me on Skype, if you have Skype? Here is my Skype: zeroninja100 Thank you for reading my comment.

  8. Hey dude, very nice blog and all! Keep it up!

  9. Hi I'm a kid, (12) and I know what your think "he wants to hack his friends acc" but I really want to learn this art I request that you will help me? And I don't want to you know have a conversion with you on comments I'm just wondering if you'd like to chat on Skype (not video of course) but just text and if you do, my name is "imthatderp" so you know if your interested in helping me ( not getting fish for me but teaching how to fish for myself) that would be so much appreciated thanks in advanced����

  10. I really should've started earlier... I really REALLY regret not starting out earlier. Thanks for the lots of words of encouragements.

  11. I'm really glad I found your website. I am new to penetration testing but a seasoned IT pro. I am wanting to take my career from the system/network admin to penetration testing & cyber security. I genuinely have an interest in how hacking works. I like your no bullshit style and will definitely be reading all I can on your site.


  12. This stuff is cool, people take the piss out of me because I'm into computers, but I would love to do pentesting for a living it challenges me intellectually which is something school never did for me. Just wish I'd have picked it up earlier than I have done, sick blog too man :)

  13. Very inspirational , thank you for writing that text for us , my search for knowledge starts now :)

  14. I am just installing kali for the first time though i use ubuntu before but that was meant for programming ruby
    What are those ways i can get started with my kali for hacking (learning to hack for security purpose)

  15. The 1st rule of hack club is: You don't talk about hack club.

  16. youre kind of just a script kiddy you realize this?

  17. Hello,
    can you guide me how to start hacking? where from and which programs should i learn
    Thank you

  18. One day I'm gonna be a really hacker

  19. I'm amazed. Thankyou for such great post. In the beginning i was also just a guy who wanted to hack fb accounts but after getting a glance at the cool green and black screen and getting the idea of how many things can be achieved through hacking. I started to take interest in it. Though if I can gey someone to guide me personally that would be a big help. Thanks again.

  20. Thanks For the information,
    One day i will become a great hacker,
    And the credit goes to you.

  21. Snacker from SwedenMay 21, 2016 at 7:06 AM

    I am a snacker, i love cheese doodles. I also like to install Kali to learn how to hack.

  22. hi buddy i am 15 years old ...in captions (not a script kiddie) i had a great skills in hacking ...by metasploit, sqlmap, backtrack5 ri3 , password cracking ...and more . But i want to be coder not a hacker .........somedays ago i had made some python and perl script to but i want to create a android app and i am not much good in coding...that's why i need some guidance to make the app

    1. I would legit look at android's app development site. Can't beat the manufacturers on how to use their own stuff.


  23. Muchas gracias desde el fondo de mi corazon por tus post... a comment in spanish is interesting, no?

  24. Thank you very much For the information.Now your are my teacher.

  25. This site is exactly what I have been searching for...marvelous....hats off to you good sir, hats off.

  26. dude you are helping me so much with these tutorials i got inspire by these hacking groups i see on the internet like Lizardsquad Poodlecorp<3 e.t.c and they just got me into hacking but i didnt knew where to start, you cant believe how much you helped me i visit this web almost every day if i need or even dont need anything for hacking i jsut wanted to say thnaks for the good work i have a lot to learn and that blog right here just was a great motivation speech thanls again <3

    1. Thanks for such a long comment of appreciation. I wrote this post a while back and I'm overjoyed to know that it still motivates people. I have learnt a lot of things (wrt hacking) over time, and like to write tutorials to share these with others in a beginner friendly manner. I'm glad that it helps people :)

  27. Nice post. I gave up few years ago because it was very hard to became hacker. It make me think that hacking just for someone has talents. You make me think again. Maybe I gave up too easy. Thank you so much.

    1. Nice to see that this post made you look into hacking again.

  28. Thanks for writing this article, I have sought out to be a pentester and have been working with all sorts of linux programming (mostly based off of Debian) and have discovered kali, I don't want to be one of those numerous script kiddies out there, I want to invest the time and effort to become a real hacker. Thanks again for writing this motivating article.

  29. Thanks for writing this article, I have sought out to be a pentester and have been working with all sorts of linux programming (mostly based off of Debian) and have discovered kali, I don't want to be one of those numerous script kiddies out there, I want to invest the time and effort to become a real hacker. Thanks again for writing this motivating article.

  30. How did you get past the point of using tutorials and start figuring it out yourself? Im 13 and thats about as far as I can get right now

    1. Technology has empowered everybody..its really as big as you can make it and goes as far as you can take it..People are getting in contact with hackers to help them predict the stock market,clear student loans,expunge criminal records,bank accounts and other debts,fix credit ratings,double your tax return and help hack business competitors..contact hackempire007@gmail.com You need a savvy hacker though,one who would be able to carry out and successfully execute hacks on your behalf while keeping it all discrete and under the radar.

  31. i have install Kali Linux as a beginner.. where i could actually learn from...if u could guide me through all this... i really want to learn to be one the best...its not easy...i know..hope u could assist and guide me...
    i know i have to do all this on my own as no one's gonna teach me step by step...but hey u could help me to get started on the right track...please
    waiting for your reply....and thanks for sharing your story...

  32. Are u still alive ??? XD _> can i learn from u ?? thankX 4 tis tutorial website. To much easy for new comers like us with the help of ur blog...! :)

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