Saturday, February 25, 2017

Install Kali Linux On Raspberry Pi 3 : Creation of a Hacking Machine

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to install kali Linux on raspberry pi 3. Raspberry pi is a single board small computer which is portable as well. Raspberry pi 3 is the third generation Raspberry Pi. It will cost you around $35-$40 (totally worth it). It will come with handy specs.



  Note: Below ( ) are used to mention the time in the video.

1. Download all files from the above links.

2. Insert SD CARD and open Win32DiskImager . Locate your kali linux image file and sd card. Hit        write. 

3. After the writing process is done. Insert SD card in Raspberry Pi and do setup as shown (1:21)

4. Open Network sharing (1:39) . Do the settings as shown.

5. Open cmd and type arp -a .Note your ip address. (2:38)

6. Open Putty (3:00) and do configuration as shown.

7. Commands to install GUI 
     apt-get update (4:20)
     apt-get install lxde (4:40)
     apt-get install lightdm (5:15)

8. Open Xming (5:29) and type startlxde (5:37)

9. Successfully Installed (5:52)


  1. >n {roèjz+zorp<t

  2. Thanks for tut. man!

  3. the link to kali image dont work

  4. Hey, I started reading ur blog and it is awesome. I implemented the hacking machine, i was to take Kali in Putty but unable to see the GUI version. I'm getting following error while giving final step, startlxde.

    ** Message: main.vala:102: Session is LXDE
    ** Message: main.vala:103: DE is LXDE
    No protocol specified

    (lxsession:1363): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.0

    Hope you could me with it.

    1. Hey, I got it. I made a mistake in X11 forwarding. I corrected that, now working fine.

  5. I get error in Putty saying connection refused or connection timed out.

  6. Cannot get beyond the PuTTY error: Connection timed out. Any ideas?

    1. You need to enable ssh in raspi-config first. It is not on by default

  7. hlo plzz help me when i login in putty as root it is accepted but when i type password as toor it say access denied plz help me

  8. Wouldn't the process be much simplfied if I used VNC?

  9. That's fine. But raspi-config in kali-rolling returns "command not found".

  10. I reinstalled kali-rolling on sd card. I can get to login screen where it asks for username. But then do I have to install lxde if I want to leave the text screen and run the gui?

    1. I didn't have to enable ssh in raspi-config. Ssh worked anyway.

  11. Call me for proper configuration

  12. cant get the ip address required for putty. All i get is the broadcast ip address


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