Sunday, January 26, 2014

Create A Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 8 Using command line

For the hackers

This method works with all versions of Windows. This article is relevant and important here since the best way to start with hacking is to practice on yourself. You are going to need two adapters for this task. One on Windows which will create the network, and another on Kali Linux which will hack the network. This article concentrates only on the former part of the exercise, and we'll only create an ad-hoc network here. So non-hackers too can follow from here on.

For everyone

  1. Get access to an elevated command prompt (with administrator privileges). [On Windows 8 : Press Windows key + X or hover your mouse to the lowermost corner on the left part of the screen and right click. Then click "Command Prompt Admin"
    Ad hoc network Elevated command prompt
  2. Now type netsh wlan show drivers 

  3. If the hosted network supported says yes, move on to the next step
  4. Now type - netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<enter_network_name_here> key=<enter_password_here>
  5. Finally type  netsh wlan start hostednetwork. Your ad-hoc network is ready.


  1. What is a ad-hoc network ?? what it does ???

    1. Creating an Ad-hoc network means using your wireless card to create your own access point. You can use it to practice WPA-2 hacking. In earlier version of Windows even WEP was supported, but not anymore.

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  2. i typed correctrly . but showing syntqax is wrong

  3. Hi, I followed the steps and it went well but I couldn't find the virtual wifi that I created. What is wrong?

  4. Would this work with a different router rather than a net adapter?

  5. Instead of these we can turn on hotspot on our cell phone and that will work as a new nw

  6. Instead of these we can turn on hotspot on our cell phone and that will work as a new nw

  7. every things gone good but at last i cannot find my access point in my android whats a problem??????

  8. it shows syntax of cmmand is incrct ? :O watz the prob yrr ?

  9. I didnt not found it, how did i found it??????


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