Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creating A dummy wifi for hacking

What you'll need

At least 2 wireless adapters. I've got three. First one is the internal adapter which came with my laptop. The other 2 are DLink adapters.
This is what it looks like.
My Dlink Adapter
This is what it looks like on my Windows machine ( I blurred the names a bit. Its a sort of convention I guess)

What now

Now since we have multiple adapters, we can use one of them to create a wireless network on Windows and then practice hacking it on a virtual Kali Linux machine. Now here's a detailed guide on how to create a wireless ad-hoc network. I'll just post a screenshot of me doing it right now.

This is our newly created network. Now we can turn on our Kali machine and see if it is discovered there.
So it showed up pretty fine. We can use netsh to modify the security parameters as necessary (WEP, WPA, etc. and practice our hacking skills on our dummy wifi network)
Important Update : I couldn't figure out how to create a WEP network using command line. So if you wanna practice WEP hacking, then this will not help.


  1. Thanks for the nice information! May I ask what model your Dlink USB adapter is? Can't tell with the image quality.

  2. DWA-123 - Wireless N 150
    I would recommend purchasing alfa wireless usb adapter if you are going to buy a new adapter. Quite appropriate for hacking purposes. Just make sure that Kali has the drivers for the adapter you purchase.

  3. HI, I wanted to know does DWA-123 - Wireless N 150 works with Mac OS?

  4. Would this work the other way around? That is to say, couldyou run Kali as your primary OS and run a VM of Windows XP/8/etc.?

    1. Virtual Box works fine in Linux. So yeah, it can be done.

  5. How do you change the security type of the hostednetwork? Typing in netsh wlan /? does not seem to give me what I need.

  6. i have dlink router ....how much adaptr shld i purchase ( in budget ) ?

  7. which adapter should i buy in order to make it work on kali linux. plz tell

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